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Better Tomorrows

Peddling utopia in public spaces.
Better tomorrows wants to create an opening into positive futures. An actor carries a surprise box and asks passers-by to spend a minute or two watching the almost magical birth of a future without zombies, totalitarian society or ecological disasters. The overall set-up includes eight boxes, eight actors, and as many possible futures, made by visual artists, written poetically ...

The show will be created in two stages, a first short version, was proposed at the end of May 2017. Nourished by these first encounters with the public, we will rework and complete the project to achieve a complete show in April 2018.
The production of Better tomorrows is supported by DRAC Ile-de-France, the Ateliers Frappaz, the Moulin Fondu and the Villa Mais d’Ici.

While street theatre brings the show to meet an audience that rarely steps into a theatre, thanks to its lightness, mobility and brevity Better tomorrows, proposes to reach even those people who don’t have the time, who don’t feel concerned, and who don’t often stop to watch. Creating a tiny fleeting scenic space in a magical box, the actors want to share a poetic and artistic minute or two, that is full of hope, with passers-by or people running errands. It can be performed at the market or for those waiting in a long queue. And with a bit of luck, the experience of sharing a very accessible subject around a utopian box will make them want to see another, then another, among the eight boxes proposed, and that might encourage them to see other shows.
The envisaged scheme is based on one of the oldest and least-known street theatre traditions, that of “curiosities” shown by the Savoyards.

A Demain - 1 - Illustration : Sigolene de Chassy
Illustration : Sigolène de Chassy
A Demain - 2 - Illustration : Sigolene de Chassy